Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tune In

Listening to an audio of Abraham-Hicks, I was shaking my head at the guy's question about where his inner being has gone when he is not in alignment with it. 

Patiently, Abraham responded that was like asking when you have your radio tuned to 89.5 where does the signal for 101 go. It goes nowhere. It is there, constantly broadcasting, waiting for you to tune in. 

As I continue to navigate the waters of well-being along this path sprinkled with insurance, pharmaceuticals, meditation, yoga, etc., I could ask the same thing. 

I have successfully passed the hurdle of the medical records regarding the postsurgical aFib event by having a normal sinus rhythm on Friday's EKG.

Where had my peace of mind, my trust in the Universe, my love of life gone when I slipped into fear so very near the cliff of sheer terror? This round is because when I had the CT scan in 2012, the results reported a nodule on my gall bladder.

I now am scheduled for another CT scan on Monday, July 18, 2016. 

When I was in yoga class today, I could not catch a whiff of that fear pattern I am clearing karma around. I am so grateful for that. At least I know peace is possible. 

I appreciate the Nurse Practitioner, Brandi Smith, listening to me, offering encouragement, making suggestions. I especially appreciate her patience with me when my inner guidance does not lead me to do everything she suggests. 

In the midst of all of this emotion about my health, a friend sent a blog post by a woman adjusting to having her first born grandson move away. I now have a lump in my throat as big as the state of Texas reading It's Summer, the Season for Grandparents. 

Oh, my… my own first-born grandson is anticipating a move to North Carolina.

This day, a mother  just a few blocks from here is cleaning out the home of her only daughter, who was shot and killed by her husband as their children slept in their home.

Another mother has just gone through the trial of the man who killed her son.

A lot is happening. I am noticing when my thinking is creating tension. I can be kinder to myself than that.Thank goodness for yoga.

This morning, I read, "The biggest disease of the mind is over-thinking, especially too much thinking about others. Thinking too much is like eating too much. The heaviness makes it impossible to remain light and flexible."

Asking friends, guides, angels, readers to help us tune in.  

May all beings come to the end of suffering….