Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Three Injunctions

The thee injunctions, by Brugh Joy, have been trying to come to my mind. Joy's Way: A Map for the Transformational Journey. An Introduction to the Potentials for Healing with Body Energies was required reading when I was doing my training in Healing Touch™.

Out for my bike ride this morning, I just had to stop to search for it. That feeling was so urgent, I stopped at the top of a hill, under a tree, and put in "Brugh Joy release the need to." 

A blog post with the reference to the three injunctions came up.

From the blog:
In the third chapter of the book, Brugh describes a cosmic experience of a woman who came to talk with him about her challenges in life. A few months earlier, she had been walking along a beach, saw an iridescent light, and heard a booming voice deliver three injunctions. She thought she was going mad. The voice said, slowly and repetitively, "'There are three injunctions for you. Pay attention to them. Make no comparisons; make no comparisons. Make no judgments; make no judgments. Delete your need to understand; delete your need to understand.'" (p. 59)
Make no comparisons. Make no judgments. Delete your need to understand. 

No wonder my soul wanted me to remember the three injunctions!

This is the heading on the home page of that blog: 


Diagnosed with gallbladder cancer? 


A rare and aggressive form of cancer with a poor prognosis? 


Information hard to find? 


Physical and emotional implications?


Exploring the spiritual implications of receiving a life threatening diagnosis?


Yesterday morning I underwent a CT scan of my gallbladder because of a notation about an 8mm nodule on my gallbladder in the records the CT scan I had done in 2012, prior to having a hysterectomy to remove an abdominal mass. I just found out about the CT notation in the records last week, related to an on-going application for a life insurance policy. 

Today, I am feeling anxiety about the test results.

Now home from my ride, I open today's Loving Reminder from Betty Lue: 

The fear or anxiety we feel tells me that something is not quite “right” about what we believe.

The peace and calm we feel tells me that I am “on purpose” and expressing what I want to believe.

The guilt we have about being separate from the highest Good, is often the anxiety we feel.

Intentionally receiving all the abundance of love as I wait....

P.S. This evening I received the CT results - nothing to worry about! 

May all beings come to the end of suffering....